Saturday, 9 February 2013

My Wonderful World

Welcome to my world! In my world, the skies are pink, the trees are zebra print and everything sparkles in glitter and gold! Okay but really... In my world, wine is the drink of choice, no preference, red or white. In my world, I spend my days creating pretty nails on pretty ladies, playing with glitter, and sitting in front of a Zebra print wall in my wonderful Nail Studio, where all the magic happens. In my world, I spend my evenings with my fabulous man and wonderful kitty cat, they're both great but I know they are excited for me to be able to share my wonderful world of nails with all of you, instead of them... boys just don't understand!

Thank-you for taking the time to visit my world! Here you will find posts about nail art, nail pictures, nail product reviews, nail studio decor ideas, nail studio storage ideas, my thoughts and opinions on all things nails, and some of my other loves of life including, my cat, wine, makeup, organization and much much more! Stay tuned pretty ladies <3

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