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Hello and welcome to my wonderful nail world!

I am a certified Nail Technician and Nail Artist in Alberta Canada. I live with my wonderful boyfriend, Steve, who treats me like a queen and our hansom kitty cat, Hudson. If you follow me on Instagram (gelnailzpro), you will see both of them often!

(My little family - Steve, Hudson & Myself)

I took my nail course while I was attending College and University. Soon after graduating with my Degree in Management, I came to the conclusion that working in the so called corporate world, just wasn't for me. After my 8-5 shift I would so look forward to going to my little studio and creating beautiful nails on beautiful ladies. After some humming and hawing, I decided this was the path for me!

In less than a year, I have more than doubled my clientele and found my niche in the nail world. Nail art is my love and my passion and I'm so blessed to have such wonderful clients who allow me to decorate their nails with many fun nail art ideas!

I offer both sculpted gel nails and gel polish services to my clients, both of which can be decked out with numerous amounts of nail art! 
Sculpted gel nails are built using forms and apply gel directly to your natural nail to build an extension, as opposed to gluing nail tips on your natural nails. Sculpted gel nails are my preferred method for building nail extensions and as such, I do not offer glued tips. 
Gel polish is applied directly to your natural nails, no extension built, applied like a nail polish but cured in an UV light, so they last significantly longer than typical polish manicures. 

In addition to my day job of creating beautiful nails, I am a part of many Nail Technician groups and forums on Facebook and because of this I have had the privilege to meet and talk to some amazingly talented ladies in the same field. I spend a lot of time talking and getting to know my nail buddies. It helps tremendously to have so many wonderful ladies in my corner and always there to answer questions, chat about nails, get to know them and have the opportunity to learn even more about my craft!

Although my world mainly revolves around my business and the nail industry, I have many other loves of life. Including makeup, wine, organization, cats, yes I'm a crazy cat lady at heart, and of course my wonderful little family. 

Thank-you for taking the time to visit my Internet world and I look forward to sharing more of my life and nail adventures with you!


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